Ny smart app til diagnose og behandling af vulvovaginal candidia

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The Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (Candida, Yeast): Tips for Diagnosis and Treatment
The app is designed for health care professionals and other individuals to understand the different types of vulvovaginal yeast infections and treatment options.  This interactive app is intended to be used in conjunction with patient care to assist with finding the best treatment plan for the individual patient, whether it is a simple Candida infection or a recurrent infection.
With the Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (Candida, Yeast) app you can:

–         View clinical images such as wet mount examples and vulvar whitening or erythema from Candida infections
–        Obtain information on a variety of oral and topical medications (including compounded treatment options) with over the counter and prescription alternatives for multiple Candida types
–        Provide patients with general information on vulvovaginal Candida infections, which is easily downloaded for printing

DOWNLOAD THE APP <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001K6hmLRU_vD157FCr6C8PsW9-vCrkgYRZGc0J7bEHzKisA6L8yvoaQyGMK4MMBSV1I4O3IzMNOSzHC2vwUEjtOSovs1yPPFEd8iPRTfcQxU41hkNGFBytlU0BZDEfTvpIoK4BGPluRjsWnOq1m_Z5X5eVwH8sAb-Zma-miaACM6lr0pTYvxwTat-1DwuyEd64tqV7_flzJPSZU-LYAbeJHRbAfd_TBe_JvGtAlpldqDocKp6IJI6d_WL49Uw2vq8AEe23qokVlskY0ukXkmLwsw==&c=zrNPciJL4qBLu44x5D1GOXtqbslkhpAu4A7Yp4tX9gkVqKa9IRYOSA==&ch=Q1hRYh2GI0L5JLNazX5g0JH-K6gaq8obakI5ISwdT-_j-embSBUkoA==>


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